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How Body Therapy Can Help You ?

Osteopathy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture

In the face of the various health disorders that you may encounter in everyday life (lumbago, headache, sciatica, low back pain, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, etc.), body therapies such as osteopathy, Cranio-sacral therapy or acupuncture can help you cope.

Indeed, osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and acupuncture have in common to consider that your body has all the capacities to stay healthy. During the session, in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, the goal of each is to lift the blockages in your body and allow it to fully express its self-healing abilities.

What are Customers Say ?

You're definitely in safe and professional hands with Tao Caring Hands. Can't recommend him enough!

– Sirei Oum –

Julien is a brilliant healer with great intuition and also deep knowledge and understanding of many healing modalities. Acupuncture, Osteo, Cranio Sacral treatments are very high quality and I highly reccomend his service. He has a gentle, caring touch and is a wonderful man.

– Braeden Tassone –

Excellent! Very good practitioner, good gestures, listening. Highly recommended!

– Murielle Margaretta –

Back pain!!! Don't hesitate all gentle and very effective!!!

– Alain –

Julian is a skilled and experienced healer that combines acupuncture (TCM) with osteopathy. I have very powerful healing sessions with Julian and I definitely recommend him!

– Joel Altman –

Extraordinary ! there are no words strong enough to describe Julien's skills. His approach to the body and energies make him a particularly gifted therapist. Smooth and highly efficient. Thanks

– John F Laurent –

Julien is the best practitioner I have met in Cambodia, the session is very complete with an energetic treatment accompanied by acupuncture, I came out revitalized and full of energy... Thank you Julien for your professionalism.

– Sotia Sean –

Julien is an amazing and professional practician. Combining occidental background with a deep knowledge of oriental and Chinese practices, Julien and his magic hands relieves most of energy and balance-related pains. To be tried even for the problems that seemed the most helpless !

– Nicolas Josso –

Thanks to Julien for his efficiency. I had terrible back pain, almost blocked! With extreme gentleness and precision, he was able to unblock me and remove my lower back pain. I highly recommend . A discreet and very effective qualified practitioner!!!

– Sandrine Steinberg –

Super osteo really efficient, he saved my stay in Siem Reap in March.

– Phil Lef –


“Those who do not take time to take care of their health will have to take time to cure their disease”

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Julien Adam – Body Therapist

I am committed to your health and well-being by providing you with exceptional value-based care in a personalized and comfortable atmoshpere.

Body therapist since 21 years, I chose to practice in Siem Reap, 4 years ago. Actually I also offer my services in Phnom Penh.

Initially trained in physiotherapy, then I directed my practice towards a more global vision of the body and health. For this, I trained in osteopathy to have a global management of the structure of the body. 

Subsequently, learning Traditional Chinese Medicine added energy vision to these treatments.

So I offer deep structural and energetic healing.

Certifications & Graduations



Graduation in IFMKNF Lille France



Graduation Eurosteo Aix en Provence France



Management of childs, babies and pregnancy Lille France


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Graduation CARET Albertville France


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How Osteopathy Can Help You ?

Osteopathy give mobility back to differents parts of your body to make it rebalance and care itself.

This discipline can cure efficiently many disorders like back pain, strains, headache and digestive disorders.

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Cranio Sacral Therapy

CST releases compression in bones of sacrum, skull and spinal column.

CST uses gentle pressions on your sacrum (triangular bone in the lower back), back, neck and skull to release compression, deep restrictions in the body.

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Is Acupuncture for me ?

Traditional Chinese Medecine goal is to make energies flow fluently to let body rebalance.

In TCM point of view, severals energies go through the body. Till your energies move fluently, you are healthy. When your energies are blocked, diseade could appear.

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Physiotherapy is one of the medical professions.

Physiotherapy is the therapy of manual gestures. His goal is to make damaged body function better. It wants to increase functional abilities and autonomy of people.

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