How a session is conducted ?

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Jul 19, 2022

July 19, 2022

How does an osteopathic session works – Phnom Penh – Siem Reap ?

The session takes place in 3 stages :

A questions-and-answer phase to evaluate your reason for consultation and all symptoms associated. As I explain in another article, osteopathy and TCM are holistic medicines that are able to identify the source of your dysfunctions.

Osteopathic and Chinese Medicine assessment : palpation, mobility, Chinese heart-bite, tongue…

Treatment : Adjustment, stretching, needling… to relieve your pain and according to your needs and desires.

During the session, you might be asked to take on your underwear to facilitate treatment. If you don’t want to take off your clothes, feel free to wear a flexible outfit in which you feel comfortab

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