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Osteopathy Siem Reap Cambodia

Osteopathy Siem Reap

How Osteopathy Can Help You ?

osteopathy Siem Reap consultation

Osteopathy is a global manual therapy. It’s able to adjust joints and viscera in order to remedy mechanical and visceral disorders. 

The goal is to stimulate your natural body defense mechanism. It means restore nervous flow, blood flow, energetic flow to make each cell of your body works efficiently.

Anybody can receive an osteopathic treatment : adults, sportmen, chid… elderly, babies, pregnant women because its soft technics are adapted to weak people.

Osteopathy is able to cure many disorders thanks to joints and viscera harmonization technics : neck pain, back pain, headache, strain, sciatic pain, digestive disorder, gynaecoloical disorder, whiplash…

During the session, I mix all my osteopathic and Chinese Medical knowledges.

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